reinvent the way you do business:

Figure out how to pull all the moving parts together into one killer business that takes no prisoners and eats fear for lunch. 

*Mayonnaise not included. 

Starting, running and profiting from business are three very different things — and unfortunately, many entrepreneurs only accomplish two of three. 


  • You don’t know what to charge.
  • You hate selling.
  • You’re overwhelmed.
  • Your clarity’s in the toilet.
  • There’s conflicting advice and none of it feels like YOU.
  • You have no idea who to trust. 
  • Or how to do it all. 
  • And business is hard.
  • And half the time you either stand there glassy eyed and tongue tied — or you want to run out of the room screaming and crying. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before.) 

Worse? 😳

Maybe you haven’t been profiting in, well, forever.  

Your client base is iffy — and you don’t know how to get more. (Or even if getting more clients is even the right answer.)  

You’re feeling discouraged and unsure of yourself and jaded and even a little white-flag-ish. (I know you’re feelin’ me on that one, am I right?)  

And maybe you’re downright paralyzed trying to wade through the million and one things that you *could* do, but aren’t sure if you *should* do — or even any kind of systematic way for doing those things, even if you were sure.  

Sure, you’ve seen the blueprints and the gurus and the systems and the big promises, but all of ‘em feel like they come served with a side of ick — and how can you be sure that a one-size-fits-all-approach is going to work for YOU? (Hint: you can’t.)  

Maybe you’ve also toyed around with the idea of hiring a business coach, but the investment is significant and you’re having trouble justifying that cost when you can barely afford to keep your business afloat.

But the bottom line is this:  

  • You need guidance, some way, somehow. 
  • You need a mentor who can help you decide to do this, not that. 
  • You need someone to help you cut through the fluff and get focused. 
  • And you need it now, because baby, time ain’t waitin’ for anyone. 



There are three things that make Evolve Accelerator one of the most useful, effective, highly regarded business accelerators available today:

  • Every step you’ll be asked to take is 100% customized for you and your business. Not Jane. Not Jill. Not another business owner in the accelerator program — just you, and you alone. Why? Because founder and mastermind leader, Carolyn Herfurth, is globally recognized for her in-depth philosophies on what makes a successful business tick, and a major component of that philosophy is using your why and your worth to form a uniquely meaningful business model that works for you.  
  • With no more than six (6) women per round, you’ll cover a ton of ground and get the kind of hyper-focused rocket fuel you need to make big leaps in a short period of time. Because here in Evolve, results are what we care about most — and we’re going to make sure that you move the needle in a big way.  
  • You won’t just learn how to effectively model, structure and grow your business — you’ll learn how to think about business in an all-new way. It’s about learning how to view things through a profitable lens. It’s about learning how to make the decisions that support your real goals — not superficial ones. And it’s about learning how to trust yourself to call the shots — no matter what gets thrown at you next.  

After "one of the worst experiences" she's ever had with a coach — Deborah Asseraf questioned how Evolve is different than any other program…

Paige Wilhide was so terrified of sales she "wanted to run out of the room screaming and crying" — but needed clients...

Attorney-turned-coach, Anne Marie Segal wanted to prove herself quickly… 

With college on the horizon for her kids — Christine Rico had to get serious about making money…

Martha Zlatar craved a bi-coastal lifestyle — but was daunted by the idea of adding more private clients to afford it...

Lee Murphy Wolf hadn't gotten traction from her other coaches — and was skeptical about whether Evolve would be any different...

Former active duty Marine, Chris Kowalik had to convince her husband that Evolve was right for her… 

How it Works

Six women. Six months. A new pillar every thirty days. And weekly virtual meetings to hold it all together — and keep you moving forward. 

Evolve Accelerator is designed to take five core business essentials and strategically weave them together to take your current business and turn it into a beautifully functional, income-generating science (with a little bit of art). We approach each topic from the angle that meets you where you currently are within your business, in order to ensure it’s 100% tailored to your specific situation

Month #1: Your Business Design

Just like a house, your business depends on a solid foundation in order for you to be able to continue to build. Month #1 is one of the most exciting: we begin by strategically architecting your value streams. This is how you package, price and combine your services (using The Simplifier™) so you can feel confident that your business house is in strong, formidable order. Next, we’ll establish specific goals for the program and map out how to reach them, so everything we do, from this point forward, is taking you zooming toward that goal. (And not the cookie jar.) (HI, FELLOW STRESS EATERS!)

Month #2: What You Stand For

Do you feel like you get buried in the crowd? Hate sounding the same (same, sameeee) as everybody else? Worried that there are a million and one people doing what you are — so how can you ever stand out? Do not fear, Month #2 is here. During this ultra-critical phase, we begin to form and articulate what I call your OPOV: original point of view. Here, originality is the key, and even if (especially if!) you’re feeling entirely flat and uninspired, we’ll work together to tease this out and make it yours. Ultimately, our goal is simple: make you sound like the voice — not the echo. 

Month #3: Everyone’s Favorite: Your Big, Bad Marketing Strategy 

Marketing yourself is kind of like courting a romantic partner — except instead of one you need to attract hundreds. NO BIGGIE. (Except it’s totally a biggie!) That’s why we’ll work together to identify the *optimal*, most high-leverage ways for you to market yourself to your ideal clients… without it feeling like torture every minute of the way. Depending on who you are and what you do, this might lead to changing up where one participant networks and how she introduces herself; to pursuing and establishing new, strong strategic referral partnerships for another; to creating a new program launch for yet another. Because you don’t have to do everything under the sun, but you do have to do something — and it has to be smart. 

Month #4: I Lied: Sales Strategy Is Actually Everyone’s Favorite Topic ;) 

Hate the dreaded question, “what do you do?” Pee your pants when a prospect wants to “hop on a call?” Lacking confidence in telling the world who you are and what you bring to the table? 90% of entrepreneurs don’t give themselves enough credit for the value they deliver and/or aren’t conveying it effectively. In Month #4, we’re going to claim and articulate that value like gangbusters — and take no prisoners along the way. We'll put fresh eyes and language around the benefits you deliver and pull the golden thread through your message, so you can state your worth with ease, baby — and really blow ‘em away.

Month #5: Priority + Time + (Drum Roll)...Mindset Optimization 

Managing your time as an entrepreneur is NO easy task. However, there are only so many hours in a day, which means that every time you wake up in the morning, you’re going to have to choose. This month is all about choosing well, and choosing decisively, based on your goals. We’ll also address the flow of your business overall and make sure all of the moving parts are starting to work together in ways that don’t require you to do so much heavy lifting. And finally, we’ll talk about the things you need to do to stay HAPPY in your business. A novel idea, right? Not only do we figure out where you’ll get the biggest bang for your time and money, we’ll stay on top of what’s working / not working for you throughout the course of the program. 

Month #6: Open Floor

This is an intimate group. Common themes will pop up that you’ll want to cover, and we will cover every single last one. We’ll make room for addressing those topics in our group, online and/or private sessions, so no matter what stragglers come up for you, we’ll tackle them together. 


  • The first week of the month, we’ll engage in all-together-now group coaching on one of the pillars and begin to reimagine ways to breathe more life into your business.
  • The second week, you’ll meet with your brainstorming partner to give it even more legs through outside perspective and integrate the pillar’s teachings into your business.  
  • The third week, we’ll engage in group coaching again, to work out any kinks by talking it out, hashing it out and banging it out. (In a non-violent way, of course.) 
  • Then, the fourth week, you’ll have another live touchpoint with me, Carolyn, to tie everything up and get it implemented before moving onto the next pillar the following month.  


It’s designed to help you trust yourself so completely that you don’t second-guess or have to think so damn hard about every single, solitary move.  

It’s designed to help you nail your highest priorities and then get access to the kinds of opportunities that will grow you and your business.  

And it’s designed to help you enjoy the kind of income and lifestyle goals you declare for yourself — the kind that will be a total game changer, as long as you show up and do the work with an open-heart, wide-eyes, and an even bigger sense of humor. (The most important business skill there is!)

APPLY Now For The Next Session 

The program is capped at six women to ensure maximum individual attention — and the ability to cater the accelerator to your needs.  

An application is required to ensure that we’ll be able to help you at the level we aspire to — because we only work with those women who we know have the potential to experience at least a $3,000+ bump in their monthly business revenue. This ensures that we’re making the biggest impact with our work — and serving in the most thoughtful way possible. 

Applications are currently being accepted for our wait list for 2020. If this is something you love the sound of, please go ahead and submit an application today — as they're considered on a first come, first served basis. Upon receipt, we'll schedule a time to get to get to know each other.

And if it turns out that we aren’t a good fit after our interview, we’ll point you in the right direction of something that is. *Because that's how we roll.* 



  • The same amount of time it would take to make a delicious BLT sandwich. 
  • Or put on your makeup.
  • Or help your kids get out the door. 
  • Or, you know, make a business decision that will change everything.

The investment starts at $1195 per month. 

What Happens Next? 

I’ll personally review your application within 24 hours, at which point you’ll receive an invitation for a personal interview. 

Yes, an interview is required as the second step in the application process given the intimate nature of this experience (and, you know, ax murderers). That said, don’t be nervous: this isn’t the inquisition, or even a sales pitch, but a simple and honest conversation to make sure that you’re investing your money in the best way possible for your business.

The investment starts at $1195 per month. We'll determine if this will be money well-spent during our conversation — and every corresponding detail will be discussed at that time. 

And if we both determine at the end that we are a good fit for one another, then we’ll discuss how to schedule a bonus MONEY MOMENTUM session before the Accelerator even begins, where I find immediate revenue opportunities to provide you with clarity, calm and cash. Time and time again, this proves to be one of the most exciting ways to kick off the accelerator engagement, given the rapid-fire speed with which clients can experience growth. For example, check out the quick results these women got...

Vanessa got 7 new clients in one week, plus landed her first corporate client. 

Deborah signed 6 new clients in one week.  

Laurie signed 29 clients in 2 weeks. 

Heather created a consistent monthly revenue stream by filling a brand new program in just 3 weeks.  

Winnie made a $1200 sale within 3 days of her Money Momentum session.  



  • The same amount of time it would take to fix yourself a mojito. 
  • Or walk the length of three New York City long blocks.
  • Or separate the darks from the lights and throw a load into the washer. 
  • Or, you know, make a business decision that will change everything

The investment starts at $1195 per month.